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HF Acid Alkylation Valves (Monel, A105/WCB, and Hastelloy)

Xanik HF Acid Valves are manufactured to UOP's and end-user exact standards and provide end-users with the shortest factory lead-time in the industry!

Approved for UOP and PHILLIPS use

Xanik has supplied H.F. Valves (Gate, Globe and Check) since 1994, for critical service in alkylation plants.

Valves are offered per current Specifications: UOP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil GEMS, and P66.

Please see below for size, type, class, and material options available.


  • API 600, API 602
  • Full Double Seal welded Seat Rings, to reduce Fluoride Contamination in the Seat Area.
  • K Monel 500 Solid Wedge
  • Monel Seat Rings
  • Monel K 500 Stem
  • Monel Packing Sleeve
  • Monel Grease Injector
  • Acid Detecting Paint
  • Fire Safe Design.


  • 500 psig Helium Shell Test
  • 500 psig Helium Backseat Test
  • Kerosene Shell Test 1.5 times the maximum pressure according to ASME B16.34
  • High Pressure Seat Test using Kerosene (Both A & B Seat Ports)
  • Low pressure Air Test using 80/100 psig (Both A & B Seats Ports)
  • Zero Leakage at Seat Test using air 80/100 psig (both A & B Seat Ports
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